Top 15 ways to make your first million with an app


There are a number of ways to monetise that killer new app concept you've just come up with. Great idea yet little to no profile. Great concept, little to no advertising budget, and yet you also want to believe your pocket has the potential to smile. Do you have creative potential, entrepreneurial insight? And the vision to meet a new demand for a niche in the market? Well lets see now, how do you Monetise an app?

There are a number of creative ways to do so. Follow our hot list below and enjoy adding value to your new community of buzzing customers.


Have an affordable subscription fee that members pay to join your app community.

Email marketing

Use Email marketing to promote your app to your database of contacts use prompts to encourage them to share it with their networks and their links.

Sharing content on Social media

Share your content on Social media at least five times a day minimum, especially on the pinterest and instagram platforms. Pinterest and Insta are great platforms for Visuals and graphic promotion outside of youtube, and great for inventive ideas to go viral on.


Utilise advertising for free on guest sites or using a small budget on social media sites.

Influencer Shoutouts

Contact influencers to give shoutouts about your app and promote it on their social media.

Brand Shoutouts

Get brands to shout it out.

Guest Posts

Do Guestposts on magazine sites and columns.

Videos promoting your app

Do videos on Vimeo and Youtube and include other platforms promoting your brand and app.


Get reviews for your app. 

Recommendations about your app

Get reccommendations about your app.

App referrals

Customer reviews and testimonials

Capitalise on a Newsletter

Use the right seo so your app is high on the search engines

Offer trials of your app

Have a link to app promotion through Viral Content

Utilise Click bait with links to your app marketing video promo's

Utilise Sponsored posts

 Provide resourceful content

Tag followers and contacts to promotional and marketing content

Use Marketing videos, and request that close contacts share with 5 to 15 people or more

Use hooks to headline posts that include Marketing videos

Sell Merchandise within your app

Offering a freemium membership

In app purchases

Transaction Fees


Advertising for brands and Businesses

Offer incredible incentives for those who do subscribe. 



 Podcast access




inside networking


facebook groups

linkedin groups

question and answer forum with business mentors access to online events

 webinars, forums

panel discussions


zoom room chats


The youtube channels backstage pass

the live streaming, 

Facebook watch parties, 

In app messaging.


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