Trendy ideas to titilate your pocket


There are so many trends out there they can drive you to distraction, yet these hot trends can and create ideas, will inspire, engage and excite. So i looked at some of the trending topics out there and i created my own list of trends that would be great for commerce.

Online e commerce shops item to sell


World cup trend



World cup t shirts, with a celebrity on the side, and a quote said by footballer and celebrity

World cup glow in the dark flags

Football hats Customisable hats

Shirts with quote 

 what we look like in first place


Taylor Swift ( Taylors treats)

A taylor swift game , seeing how much fans know about Taylor Swift

Celebrity Wordpuzzle

Celebrity WordSearch

Celebrity Scrabble

Celebrity Monopoly ( The buildings and items are all land and items owned by different celebrities)


Kim Kardashian ( Body shapers)

Kim Kardashian ( Body Sculpt )

Back it up like Kim


American Football

Football Shirts with motivational quotes and numbers on them

Go forth and have fun producing


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