Viral in 60 seconds :Top 15 ways to make your first viral campaign


Lately on social media the hot topic is going viral. Everybody wants to promote their brands, products,services and campaigns.So what is going Viral and how on Earth do you do it? 

Ever heard of those marketing campaigns that get a million impressions, a million clicks or so, lots and  lots of comments? Maybe it's videos?

 Maybe it's articles, maybe it's graphics linked to extremely creative content, either way the internet is buzzing, and if that individual is smart their using AdSense, affiliate marketing, or selling some products off the back of their products to champion it. So how do you go viral? Kerchiing!!

Know your niche,create digestible content, content that is accessible to your audience, tag people into it, ask them to engage, post comments, ask them to share. 

Share the content on social media.

Share a link to the content on messaging boards, connect or invite people to connect asking them for their opinions on the content.

Share the content in group forums, in group chats.

Have a potential marketing budget to blow up the marketing content .

Share the content on webinars

Share the content with a link on podcasts

Be a speaker on E forums and live speaking events with a link to your content

Create a forum where people discuss and debate the content

Hold panel discussions themed around the content

Offer mentoring and coaching to develop the content.

Guest post on other sites and magazine columns sharing the content

Create marketing campaigns with buzzwords linked to the content

Use effective hashtags

Use SEO and keyword optimisation

Know what links and resources your audiences are looking for make sure they find them in the content.

Be consistent with your promotion of the content 

If you do a video, make sure it's smart, catchy, colourful,and memorable.

Know key strengths your content has and sell. Make sure you are selling your content.


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