How to make more passive income online

How do you make more money with passive income sites?

First of all look at the hottest passive income sites
The advice they give on income
Residual income
How to Monetise
How to capitalise 
How to bring in a steady stream
Sell e-commerce products
Sell goods
Tech hubs 
Article and content creation sites
Blogging sites,where you discuss key and trending topics
Referral sites
Resource sites
Link sites
How to sites
Advice sites
Guide sites
Sales sites
Products sites
Marketing sites
Share on social media
Post links
Advertise on the feed
Email marketing
Scheduled post
Press release 
Premium advertising
Prompt shares
Guest blogging
Send via WhatsApp and other premium formats
Sites like Reddit
And on other sites

Look at other blogs – This should be your first port of call. Many of us have been hit hard with the onslaught of new price inflations. Those of us who complained of a lack of opportunity are still searching for the opportunities we feel have been absent, scarce, or guarded. There are opportunities out there, and platforms we can capitalise on, yet sometimes we have to realise someone wont always be there handing you a golden ticket. We have to use our creative mind, to tap into the resources that are out there, source passive income opportunities, and become creators. It is important to find ways to become an architect of your own development, however you aim to construct your life. Financial independence is not just about having a million in your pocket, its about fruitfulness, abundance, access, and the ability to navigate beyond class and hierarchial structures. To have the knowledge and insight that just make you fluid and accessible like water. Water has no limitaions, it can flow everywhere. There are key things to look at when building passive income. Build more networks and a larger following: The more networks you build, the more people or consumers you have to engage and target for share campaigns, and marketing on platforms such as instagram, twitter, facebook, pinterest, tik tok, and the other social media platforms. Engage more with your audience: Sales is an open dialogue. Its a sharing and exchange of goods during conversation, and effective sales leaders make sure both parties enjoy the communication. There are different types of sales, but always remember the psychology of a sell. People buy from whats familiar to them, from brands they trust,who engage them well, and really show the need for the item or product. Why do they need this product? What problem will it solve? Post more in the comments Build on more relationships with previous clientelle Tag more people to content and post more Share more in social media stories Be more inventive and creative in content Use language that hooks readers in Do more research Pay attention to what your competition is posting What is trending in your niche What is engaging audiences in your category What products are a hot sell Which items are exciting the audience and are giving them the most engagement, feedback, customer reviews How interactive is your platform Are you using news platforms to feed into your content Are you using sites like Quora Are you utilising google keywords What are your marketing campaigns looking like Where is your push coming from? What is motivating you to push content, and how engaging is your content? Are you tagging your consumers widely What research are you using to propell your work forward What resources have you added to your content How well do you know your subject matter, are you familiar with the landscape of discussion? What's already successful? And more importantly, what's missing? Find the gaps in the market. Use Google – What are people searching for? Use Google suggested searches and auto-complete to discover what people are looking for – if they're searching for it, that shows there's a demand. Search forums for common FAQs – When people can't find answers to their questions, they go to forums. What are they asking? What do they need advice on? This will show what people are interested in and what there's a lack of available information on. Track current trends – What topics are in the media right now? It's good to pick a topic with longevity, but if you can piggy-back on a trend early on, you can quickly establish yourself as an expert on it before anyone else. Lists? It might not be what you write about, but how you write which sets you apart. Identify your own interests and passions – While all of the above are important, there's no point in blogging about something you have zero interest in. You'll quickly get bored and people will spot your lack of enthusiasm. Write about something you really, truly care about


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