Fashion fix for your fashion funk Meet Niclas Ekerot

Every fashion fugitive needs that fashion fixer, the don, the godfather. Enter..the man who knows. From suave and elegant to striking and synonymous with sophistication. In the brand market, the king of the fashion Capital, from Gucci, Tom Ford, currently residing as the Global Vice president of Burberry who am I talking about? The one and only Man of the Mack Niclas Ekeroth. (subscribe to our channel, like and post a positive comment) From chic Styles gorgeous and upmarket trendy fashions. Burberry is a brand everyone knows for its signature patterns and its use of colours. What defines it? What makes it so strong in the global and international markets? Why do young elites and celebrities alike tap their precious diamond MasterCard's, and walk out of stores with plastic bags of folded luxury Burberry items. Because of the genius behind this man and his team.
known as The fashion wizard, this sophisticated style icon has floored several with his unique insights, creative agenda , and incredible discipline and hard work. He Gives you glam yet provides access. Nurtures growth, intelligence, community and team spirit . Such leadership is often hard to find. Not just a cog in a wheel.
His effective, diplomatic and skilled mindset , inspires encourages and nurtures others around him,Adding a little deliciousness to every fashion delight. A fashion titan. We celebrate the work of Niclas Eckeroth.


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