Know it like Niclas Brilliance within the Burburry Brand ( Listen to his interview and subscribe to our new channel)

There are those that are inspiring,creative,and at times they even humble us with their warmth and even their kindness, especially with the positions they hold. The success that they embraced, their leadership and their positioning. How do they get there? Let's meet one. I have just sat down to dine with the most endearing leader and role model. Niclas Ekeroth. Both handsome and captivating, skin with a warm and earthly glow to it. He has a smile that engages you instantly, and a bubble and excitement about him that is both magnetic and exuberant. Niclas is the Global vice president of Burburry,the global fashion brand. That has sold millions in retail stores of fashion apparel. A tall, elite , Muscular and athletically toned man with dark hair , dressed in elegant and trendy fashions. He is both accessible and polished. So what is it about Niclas that has made him so successful? As we talk and share stories, I study his body language a man at ease with himself. Comfortable in his skin, relaxed and yet inviting. It is this ability to translate. The global dialect of sophistication meets confidence. An Excalibur within itself. A might. The ability to communicate and be so accessible, and yet maintain a level of distance and intrigue,allowing the world entry and yet defining a line. He speaks of treating each person as an equal, from the janitor, to a person of much higher and elite status. He talks of empowering and inspiring his colleagues, he speaks from a place of sensitivity ,empathy and warmth. Please subscribe, like, post a comment and share this video we appreciate your support on our new channel. If you as a leader cannot empathise with your staff, you cannot connect to them, as a team you cannot grow. He is a gentleman.that is well travelled, has familiarised himself with different cultures, types of individuals with different backgrounds. He makes this key to his development. From our expansive talk over dinner he is Full of insights and resources, knowledge and a wealth of wisdom about the brand industry and different trends. Niclas is not just in the know. He is the now. How would I define making success in the industry more accessible to you? Be in the know like Niclas


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