Believing in Your Potential

It is important to believe in your potential, believe in who you are and what you can do, believe in the possibilities that are out there, where others see lack , you must see the gap you must see the opportunity. Wether it's volunteering, wether it's work experience, the chance to engage others to connect, to communicate , to showcase your strength, your ideas, to allow your skill set to be shown and the value you can add to the company to be acknowledged. What can you bring to the table, of the company you are trying to integrate yourself with. 

Do you have excellent communication skills, are you a great networker, great negotiation skills, knowledge of finance and economics, knowledge of bidding and procurement, knowledge of marketing, and SEO , of different social media brands and algorithms and how to acquire high profile on each platform

It is important that you show all your strengths and your experiences, how did you use your time in other work or social scenarios to extend yourself, and develop your skills. What did you learn, what programs, did you put in place? How did you position yourself with the marketing team, did you help with strategy, with ideas for innovation, how about other areas like campaign ideas, ways the companies could get sponsorship, ways the companies could get grant funding and finance. Were you ever introduced to the partners or key leaders at any events, did you organise any events, and how if you entered the company would you manage your time if you were given a role. It's always about adding value. 

Individuals are often promoted or hired in the first place into key positions or roles, because they have the ability to add value to the firm in one way or another. The company believes they are a valued asset, they have the potential to encourage the expansion of the companies fruitfulness and improve development. Which means companies will look at who their hiring, pay attention to the CV, although there are new programs and software that is allowing managers to avoid looking at cv's in bulk, you can engage hiring managers on sites like linkedin,check out applications on, and apply for jobs by engaging the people in charge. 

Follow up with emails. Make phone calls if you can. Find out what recruitment programs are available at the job centre, job fairs, work fairs, career programs, go to networking events, you never know who knows what. The more you network, the more you know.

Try and build excellent communication skills , pay attention to little things you can ask the other person on the phone, little jokes you can make to relax them so they warm up to you and remember you,.for example you can say I imagine it's been hectic in the office, and you understand their looking forward to lunch break, pay attention to little gaps in the conversation. Listening is always the way you get in. Conversations have holes,and those holes have opportunities. Those opportunities give you access. When I used to go to church the pastor would always say to us your blessings will always come through speech, it will be something someone shares with you, it is the power of the spoken word. People often abuse information because it's too available, but when you apply information it gives you access. When I used to have meetings with investors when I first tried to l launch my businesses, they were all talking about what was trending in the fintech markets. Data. 

All the investors were investing capital in data. Data utilised and gathered in the right way, from things like memberships subscribers, audiences, hubs, many of my concepts began with this introductions, so I often attracted a lot of investor friends,contacts and connections. They were eager to talk to me about how I came up with some of these concepts, and ideas, some of my concepts for platforms, for projects, for even hubs.  Were very intriguing to these individuals because they had the mind for it, they had the vision , and also they had the access to realise these kinds of projects. It's often about making sure you have all the right resources.


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