Boldness towards the dream

How do you make it real? How do you make what is unseen, be seen,? How do you make something that you've hoped about , dreamed about, the passion to travel, to have a business, to magnify an opportunity, to free yourself of poverty, and challenge the restraints that have been put on you.
You must be the architect, you must strive for each dream to be more than a conversation within your spirit, more than talk, more than whispers to yourself. You want the ideas to be more than chalk outlines where you stand, you want them to be more than things that were once called upon to comfort you as you eased into slumber. With your words, with your actions, with your skills, and with your courage , you can create so much opportunity for yourself, but you have to be bold enough to believe that the world will not play a game of hide and seek with you. You must go out there, and you must be the hunter, adventurer , explorer, sometimes life will hit you with disappointments, sometimes trauma will break you down, sometimes your spirit will be challenged, but you will rise again, and acquire new knowledge to strengthen your position, and you will take strength from this.


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