Cultivating confidence

Sometimes you will find that people want you to explain why you are worthy of your self confidence. They want you to be validated by them. They want you to explain away your existence. Who are you, to dare to dream like this? Who are you to think you are worthy of these things? To believe these things are possible? I'll tell you , because you can make them possible if you are willing to do the work consistently, make the right choices, engage the right people, let them see who you are, and let them see your strengths. My father used to say to me, say to the world "here I am," let the world know who you are. I have learnt in so many ways that you can't get access to opportunities playing hide and seek with the world and blaming others for claiming what is out there for everyone to reach, so go out there and get.
Be bold, get rejected, be confident in your strengths, believe that it's alright to fail and accept the rejection. Rejections will come, people are allowed to say no. The no's will hurt, the no's at times will be painful, but you will learn from them and you will grow from them.


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