Going for Success

Success looks like courage, courage through the chaos in life. When your young there are days when life will throw you many challenges, often times as a young person we feel let down by others, there's a way we assume our life to be ,especially upon graduating university, or leaving high school. We are so electric with the promise of life's potential, 

Keeping your confidence
Trusting yourself
Believing throughout the rejections, throughout the no's that you can find a yes. That you can find an opportunity that will give you access, that you can somehow be so much better than the self you began with. We begin with a self, we begin with a self that is rough and jagged, eager to accomplish so much , eager to be a self we proclaim inside our heads, eager to be a version of ourselves that we see. A self that is triumphant.

Sometimes we are held back by fear mongers, the fear and the failure of others, their experiences, and their trials that have broken them down. Yet why do we keep trying, why do we keep going, because we see something, that flicker of hope that light, that bright spark, shining in the distance. As we try and we try, we get closer and closer, each opportunity a brilliant light to explore new roads , new memories, and show that we have hope in a future that will exist once we take the action and apply ourselves. Sometimes the fear will get you. Sometimes others words will jump inside your head like fleas , you will feel trapped at times, you will have a dear of suffocation, the fear of being left behind, that everyone has left you and then you will see it, you will find it that hope,that faith,that light, you will find it near.



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