Hotbox guide to having the confidence to sell

Sales can be very challenging, especially based on your product and your concept. It can also be hard to sell the benefits of a product, platform a package and the opportunities that come with it. Often times we deal with so much rejection,we are afraid to reach out and attempt to introduce new products into the market and showcase the strengths of the items we have at our disposal. Its important to know you will have to go through Many no's to get through the yes's , build up a lead list first of all, build up a list of contacts that you will engage and warm up , regularly. Try and build up a relationship with these individuals, people are not just buying the product, they are actually buying you. Be confident when you sell, make sure you have a product that you are proud of, make sure you have practiced your pitch, list your products strengths and the benefits of the consumer buying this product. What does the product do, how will it solve a problem? Are you offering a deal on this product, are you providing discounts? what are potential opportunities that come with this item, wether its a physical item , or an item online.
you have to give them that fear of missing out Fomo, and remind them that purchase of your item is an investment it will add value, why should this product be in the consumers home, when purchasing the item ask them for reviews so it will help sell the item online, reviews and testimonials help on online algorithms, platforms like amazon , they help with profile and exposure. check out some of my creative works buy a copy of my book and show you support the work we are doing below is a link to my book Counting Pennies on Mars ,


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