The courage to fail

There is much to be said about failure. To fail is an opportunity to learn. To learn is an opportunity to grow. To grow is an opportunity to triumph, without the questions that come from failure, you wouldn't seek answers. Answers give us the information to develop projects, and concepts to their full potential. These projects help us bring in income, bring communities together, allow us access to the world, allow us to engage and connect with leaders ,mentors, and those with great vision.

To fail is key to facilitating and often empowering a project. There are often these statistics online to thwart people and to scare them away from taking risks, the fear can hold you hostage, it has you cemented, and we find ourselves procrastinating or playing hide and seek. Yet where there is fear there is opportunity. 

The term the obstacle is the way I remember.  So sometimes that fear of failure stopping you from going after that project that you want to pitch for, that you are procrastinating about developing a business plan for, those forms, that Cv that you haven't edited yet and that project that has been hanging on the side of the desk. What will become of it? If you go for it, a little bite at a time, you can conquer it.These mountains are conquered little bites at a time. We often feel the anxious need to tackle everything at once, yet break it down, do it in steps, and believe that you can do it and it will get done.


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