The top 10 ways to generate more traffic with your site

Social media gives us
access to the hottest trends, great opportunities, and to access new markets and niches. There are new products, projects, and new influencers, engaging the market every single day, new leaders positioning themselves at the top of the traffic tsunami, getting a large audience and converting all their views to revenue, and hot sales. yet how do we learn from them? How do we get our products to trend, and our websites to get massive traffic,promote hot items, and generate an increase in sales. first of all know your search engine lingo. what are your consumers typing into the search bar for your product? what questions do they type into google,what questions do they ask, what sites do they go on like quora , and other question and answer forum to ask about similar products in your market. who are the leaders in your industry what sites are your consumers going on? what keywords will you use to link your consumers into your site Tag your contacts, friends and your community to the articles and content you put on your site, request that they share it. Ask that its shared on sites like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok,twitter, Pinterest, linkedin, and all the various social media platforms use sites like reddit to promote article content , other articles sites like medium, post half the content on the site with a link to your website Always post a link to your sales page so consumers can buy your products. message your list of online contacts and engage them regularly, warm them up and excite them about your product Encourage them to check out the site, share content, but also dont be a selfish sales person simply bombarding them. Engagement is a two way street, consumers like it when you care, when you ask questions, and when you show you have background knowledge and insight around the product. Utilise advertising on social media platforms post links on key sites, where you know your consumers visit regularly post on online directory
utilise hashtags post comments regularly on discussions about the product niche,on event forums attend zooms, seminars,webinars and events on the subject of interest Do podcasts on your product and promote the item your selling ask to do guest posts on other peoples blogs get influencers to review your items Get as many testimonials about your product and site on review sites as possible Get profile from people of high profile stature Get brands to do shoutouts Get media to promote your brand, magazines, newspapers online journals, or even radio. support our site by contributing and purchasing a copy of my creative works.


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